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Music is Medicine




An album with depth and scope. The lyrics and beats stay rooted in Hip Hop yet branch out to a vibrant world expression. Drez and Zaire have collaborated for years and this record successfully captures their connection with good music practices. The album features Marti Nikko, Medusa, Warrior King, SriKala, Bux-a-Burn, David Geathers and music contributions from Joshua Geisler and Domonic Dean Breaux.

Panoramic Utopia 


A creative album that time stamps the dynamic connection Zaire and Drez have had for some time now. A truly creative project. The music was magically made in a short creative summer that also was celebrated with an amazing Asia tour.

Come Again Ft. MartiNikko - Panoramic Utopia
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A fun album that had some very strong contributions. X is the Weapon, Westafa and LMNO will always be family. This project was during a transformational part of my journey and I absolutely enjoyed that time.

Fantastic4-FNF - FireClap
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Experiments with Truth


The foundation album. This record is a classic because of the movement in Orange County it established. Anyone that had a pulse in the 90s Hip Hop era that was living down there at that time loved this record. Still love getting positive feedback all the time about how much this album meant to so many good people in the collective.

Come Again is a laid back cool out hip hop song. It shows love to the Dj that drops a track and you want it ran back.
SubDuction - Exp w the Truth
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