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Western Landscape

Soul Nourish Retreat
July 3rd & 4th

Joshua Tree, California is a special place. The vortex energetic magic makes this place unique. The tree itself has biblical history as a symbol of thriving against adversity. 

We selected an amazing home with beautiful inside and out. Take a look at the pics below that give you a glimpse of what is in store. We always make sure the accommodations are exceptional and provide a great experience for our attendees.

Joining us for a retreat is a good way to gift yourself some lovely guidance in a small group setting completely honoring your natural flow and comfort level. The main goal is to shower attendees with excellent support and loving care.

You will be transported into a container of connection and high frequency!

This intimate gathering is limited, so if you are considering please don't wait, say yes and secure your spot.  Set up your discovery call to connect and get the specifics. Use the contact option on this site or for quicker response send us a DM directly via instagram at @zaireblack.focus or @love2lovexixi 


This is a non substance retreat. 

We thank you for the consideration and wish you a whole lot of love! 



333$ - all inclusive (lodging, food, all the activities,) only 3 spots

111$ - day tripper spots (we can discuss options to make it work) limited

jtree 1.jpeg

 Yoga - A chill flow for all levels, even some individual insight and adjustments of how the body can feel great during the practice. Your body is your temple and we look forward to supporting you develop awareness of how yoga can better support your unique temple. 


Breathwork - Z&K have several ways we utilize breath. This retreat lets attendees tap into varied approaches and explore what works for them. While our sessions tend to focus on a short process with limited time during this retreat we all get to slow the process down and discuss more options and modalities. 


Soundbath - The healing sensation of sound can help attendees integrate and meditate on self care and what ever feels good to the inside. Lay back and feel the sensation of audio healing via crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, wind instruments, rain sticks, tuning forks, essential oils and more. 


Crystals Wisdom - Find some energetic connection to working with crystals and grid work in nature. Kari will share her special approach to utilizing crystals for various intentions.

jtree 2.jpeg

Hikes - Joshua Tree in July will be real hot. We will use early morning and late evening when it is cool to explore the sacred land. We have a few beautiful spots that are easy to access but perfect for grounding in the nurturing frequency of the land. 


Meals/Juicing - Primarily vegetarian but we can adjust to specific requests. The food will be high quality, wholesome and fully included in the tix price. We have been deeply developing a stronger juicing practice and look forward to creating special blends you feel like trying.

Desert Trees
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